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Natas Level 23 → Level 24

Level 23

Username : natas23
Password :D0vlad33nQF0Hz2EP255TP5wSW9ZsRSE


To solve this level, we first log into the natas23 application using the credentials provided above.

The application presents us with an input field for a password. After submitting a random password, the application responds with ” Wrong! “. Let’s go through the source code and try to figure out the application’s functionality.

    if(strstr($_REQUEST["passwd"],"iloveyou") && ($_REQUEST["passwd"] > 10 ))
        echo "<br>The credentials for the next level are:<br>";
        echo "<pre>Username: natas24 Password: <censored></pre>";
        echo "<br>Wrong!<br>";
// morla / 10111

As we can see, the application performs the following checks to print the password:

  1. The passwd REQUEST variable should contain ” iloveyou “.
  2. The passwd REQUEST variable should be more than 10.

To solve this issue, let’s refer to the following two links: String Occurrence and String Conversion. As we can see, if the passwd field contains ” iloveyou ” and a number greater than 10, the if statement would result in true thus printing our password.


As we can see, password value ” 11iloveyou ” works well to print the password.

Level 24

Username : natas24
Password : OsRmXFguozKpTZZ5X14zNO43379LZveg

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