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Leviathan Level 0 → Level 1

Level 0

Username : leviathan0
Password :leviathan0
SSH leviathan.labs.overthewire.org:2223


To solve this level, we first ssh into the leviathan0 server using the credentials provided above.

As the leviathan level’s do not provide any information about how to go about finding the password, I tried to open the file ” /etc/leviathan_pass/leviathan1 “, however, we did not have appropriate privileges to read the file.

I then started looking for files that might contain any stored passwords and found a .backup folder. The folder contained a big file containing lots of data. To check if the file contains anything regarding ” leviathan1 “, I ran the following command:

cat bookmarks.html | grep leviathan1

Screenshot from 2017-07-14 13-04-05.png

The file contains the password for the next level.

Level 1

Username : leviathan1
Password : rioGegei8m
SSH : leviathan.labs.overthewire.org:2223 

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