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Krypton Level 2 → Level 3

Level 2

Username : krypton2
Password : ROTTEN

Level Info

ROT13 is a simple substitution cipher.

Substitution ciphers are a simple replacement algorithm. In this example of a substitution cipher, we will explore a ‘monoalphebetic’ cipher. Monoalphebetic means, literally, “one alphabet” and you will see why.

This level contains an old form of cipher called a ‘Caesar Cipher’. A Caesar cipher shifts the alphabet by a set number. For example:

plain: a b c d e f g h i j k …
cipher: G H I J K L M N O P Q …
In this example, the letter ‘a’ in plaintext is replaced by a ‘G’ in the ciphertext so, for example, the plaintext ‘bad’ becomes ‘HGJ’ in ciphertext.

The password for level 3 is in the file krypton3. It is in 5 letter group ciphertext. It is encrypted with a Caesar Cipher. Without any further information, this cipher text may be difficult to break. You do not have direct access to the key, however you do have access to a program that will encrypt anything you wish to give it using the key. If you think logically, this is completely easy.

One shot can solve it!

Have fun.

Additional Information:

The encrypt binary will look for the keyfile in your current working directory. Therefore, it might be best to create a working direcory in /tmp and in there a link to the keyfile. As the encrypt binary runs setuid krypton3, you also need to give krypton3 access to your working directory.

Here is an example:

krypton2@melinda:~$ mktemp -d
krypton2@melinda:~$ cd /tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ
krypton2@melinda:/tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ$ ln -s /krypton/krypton2/keyfile.dat
krypton2@melinda:/tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ$ ls
krypton2@melinda:/tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ$ chmod 777 .
krypton2@melinda:/tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ$ /krypton/krypton2/encrypt /etc/issue
krypton2@melinda:/tmp/tmp.Wf2OnCpCDQ$ ls
ciphertext keyfile.dat


To solve this level, we first ssh into the krypton2 server using the credentials provided above. We can see the files mentioned in the level information. To understand the working of the encryption executable, let’s follow the steps mentioned above.

Screenshot from 2017-07-20 16-50-45 - Copy.png

As we can see above, I created a temporary file which contains the english alphabet. We’ll now use this file as the plaintext to understand how the encrypt executable works.

Screenshot from 2017-07-20 22-22-49.png

As we can see, the encryption is ROT-12, therefore, we can create a script similar to the last level to decrypt the krypton3 password file.

Screenshot from 2017-07-20 22-24-45.png

Level 3

Username : krypton3
SSH : 

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